Social Language Groups

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playthingWe are excited to offer both group and individual speech therapy to Charlotte and the surrounding areas. These groups will be available for all ages for children who need extra help interacting with their peers as well as adults. Social Language is an integral component of language that is necessary for successful communication. Poor social language skills may inhibit a child’s ability to interact with their environment, making social situations and classroom settings challenging. Children with social language deficits often have difficulty making and keeping friends, exploring their surroundings, asking questions, initiating and maintaining conversations, and expressing their feelings or interests with others. Our Social Language Groups are designed to teach children specific social skills (greeting, conversation, eye contact, initiating play with peers, problem solving, feelings, etc.) and to practice these skills with other children their age. The groups will be directed by one or two speech-language pathologists. Groups will meet for hour sessions once weekly for 8-10 weeks to target these specific social language skills. Children with Autism/Pervasive Developmental Delay, Asperger’s, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, social language deficits, play skills deficits, or overall receptive and expressive language issues may benefit from social language group therapy. Please contact Speech Matters for further information!



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